Build Mutual Trust World on Blockchain

What is Mutual DAO System
  • Mutual DAO System is a Ethereum based, decentralized, open-source mutual insurance marketplace.
  • Anyone can join a mutual insurance scheme through sending variable amount of MDS to a smart contract.
  • Anyone can become a mutual insurance insurer based on the smart contract templates provided by Mutual DAO System, and can profit from it.
The Advantages of Mutual DAO System
  • Trustless: No Capital Pool, all tokens are locked by smart contract.
  • Low Operational Cost: Smart contracts and DAO will significantly reduce the operational cost.
  • Incentive System: Anyone who become insurer in Mutual DAO System shall gain MDS Token from the marketplace.
  • Value Sharing: Policyholders will able to share the community profits and value.
  • Global Marketplace: Break the geographical restrictions and allow users to participate globally.
Application Scenarios
  • Mutual Aid Contract for Serious Illness
    Zhongtopia will be insurer to create serious illness mutual aid contact since it already has 9 million mutual aid users and operation experience.
  • Mutual Aid Contract for Enthusiastic Divers
    There are large number of enthusiastic divers who are facing higher risk in the water sport activities. But traditional insurance provides limited coverage for them.
  • Mutual Aid Contract for Supercar Owners
    Supercar is known for it high insurance cost. BBC show ‘Top Gear’ spended more money on insurance to test Ferrari 250 GTO one time than the expense on crew members for the whole series.
  • Mutual Aid Contract for Anonymous Disease
    Large amount of patients suffering from certain chronic diseases are not willing to purchase insurance due to concern on personal information leakage which may cause them to lose their jobs in China, such as epatitis B patients.
  • Mutual Aid Contract for Disastrous Weather
    Normally we will donate to those places who suffer from natural disasters, but with Mutual DAO System we can change the coverage to mutual aid.
  • Mutual Aid Contract for Virtual Currency
    User can create mutual aid contract to protect assets lose in exchanges, wallet, transactions etc.
Model for MDS Profit-making
  • MDS is worthy for investment due to:
    • When users join the mutual aid, certain percent of MDS will be burned and will reduce the MDS in circulation.
    • With more users join the mutual aid, more MDS will be locked by smart contract and will reduce the MDS.
    • Risk reserve capital will invest in blockchain industry, and 50% of the total profit of the risk reserve capital will be used to buy back MDS.
  • The value of Mutual DAO System community is to have more users to join the mutual aid contract scheme instead of holding the tokens.
  • Mutual DAO System will allocate X% of the total profit of the risk reserve capital to buy back MDS for reward to the policyholders on annual basis.